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24 May

Summer outfits to wear with sneakers

Summer outfits to wear with sneakers_tt

Increasing temperatures are increasing and we are preparing to enjoy summer in all its splendor. However, we know that summer is more than just sandals and swimsuits. Today we want to give some ideas for summer outfits to wear with sneakers. We know you will love it. And it is not only because they are super comfortable, novel and feminine, but because our new models are super combinable and can raise your outfits if you combine them correctly. Keep reading to know more.

But … how to wear a pair of sneakers without looking messy?


Stay comfortable but always very feminine by combining some sneakers with a casual dress. It is an essential combination! You will achieve a very jovial and chic inspiration. For a dress of elegant textures like that of the image, it will be amazing a pair of genuine silver python leather tennis shoes. The fact that you wear sport-style shoes does not have to make you look disheveled.

Summer outfits to wear with sneakers_1

If you want to maintain a more refined style even if you´re wearing sneakers, try to combine them with pants, not jeans. Ey! This does not mean that you cannot use them with jeans, it’s just about varying. If what you want is a comfortable look with which you can go to eat with your friends but without losing the style combine them with maxi pants. You will see that your look will look more thought and sophisticated.

Summer outfits to wear with sneakers_2

This design is so combinable that you can practically combine it with any summer outfit or even in winter, they will be a great investment this year! The nude color of these sneakers makes them perfect for you to combine them with white or beige outfits. However for its color so combinable. It will be easy for you to combine it with other daring colors without any problem.

Summer outfits to wear with sneakers_3

Do you already have a pair of sports shoes of the brand? Remember that all the models you see here can be found in our ONLINE STORE. Take advantage and try these summer outfits to wear with tennis!

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