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3 Jan

How to renew your wardrobe with 3 pieces

renew your wardrobe

Renewing your wardrobe in January is an almost obligatory ritual for any woman. However, most of the time we are not very sure of which garments we should keep or definitely say goodbye. The same thing happens to you? For sure, your answer is yes! That´s why in today’s blog we will tell you how to renew your wardrobe with 3 pieces, but we will also tell you what clothes you need to get out of your wardrobe immediately. Keep reading to start the year with a renovated wardrobe and full of style.

Eliminate: pink sneakers
Replace them with: black sneakers

Yes, now is behind the “pink sneaker´s season”. This year we will be seeing the street style full of black sneakers. We can see them combined with sport, casual or even formal outfits. The point is that you must always keep them impeccable and their dark color will help you a lot.

renew your wardrobe _1
Eliminate: sock boots
Replace them with: edgy boots

We don´t mean to say that sock boots will probably disappear. However they are going to lose followers. Let’s face it, tolerating the day in comfortable edgy boots is better than doing it in sock boots with slim heels. And the fact of being more comfortable will not make them less beautiful. For that reason, to this option we give an absolute YES.

renew your wardrobe _2
Eliminate: bad quality accessories
Replace them with: classic accessories

We will never get tired of saying this basic rule: quality over quantity. It doesn´t matter if you have many accessories if they are poor quality. Surely some of them will end up ruining an outfit that could be successful. Instead of this, always choose to acquire accessories that add quality to your outfit. Belts, earrings and other elements should be the cherry of the cake and not something that ruins it.

renew your wardrobe _3

Ready to renew your wardrobe? Remember that these elements can be found in our ONLINE STORE.

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