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6 Feb

Bluchers for winter

Mocasines en invierno

When the weather gets colder we immediately go grab our boots and we totally forget that there are so many other types of shoes out there. Bluchers have a versatile and sophisticated style, which makes them easy to combine with different clothing.

Keep in mind that bluchers tend to look a little bit masculine, but you can always add clothes or accessories to look as girly as you want. We suggest you always wear your bluchers without socks or with no-show socks to avoid missing the color and style of the shoe.

Today we tell you how to wear your bluchers and add a fancy twist to your casual outfits.

Black leggings or jeans

Pair up your bluchers with a total black or grey look. Preferably skinny, they will make you look more feminine. Add a blazer or a coat, as well as accessories in the same shade of color you chose. This is a business casual look you must own.

Bluchers for winter
Jeans and denim overalls

You can wear your bluchers with jeans or denim overalls and a white tee. A navy blue coat or jacket will keep you perfectly cozy. We suggest that you wear brown bluchers with denim to make it look warmer and more casual.

Bluchers for winter_1
Plaid pants

Prince of Wales, Houndstooth or Harris Tweed; any style of plaid pants are always a good idea during winter. A white or beige shirt can make you look sophisticated without putting much effort. You can add accessories such as gold or silver jewelry. If you don’t feel warm enough don’t hesitate on mixing styles and textures, a leather jacket could be a great choice. And for your purse, clutches or crossover bags will go just fine.

Bluchers for winter_2

We guarantee any of these options will look perfect on you!

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