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31 Oct

Cuadra Catrina

catrina costume

November is right around the corner and the first few days of November are iconic for Mexican culture, we celebrate one of the most important holidays in the whole country: Day of the Death. A very important character of this time is the Catrina, originally created by José Guadalupe Posada, whom was a very important illustrator in Mexico. As time went by we have modernized and bringing into our time the Catrina, putting a lot of creativity on it.

On today’s blog we will show you three options of hair, makeup and clothing for you to create the perfect Catrina.

Boho dress

Without a doubt this Catrina is super bohemian, relaxed and fresh. Pick a boho dress, preferably long, and a big flower crown as your main accessory. You can add silver jewelry and crystals in your makeup. For this costume tassels and feathers are pretty cool because they go just well with the bohemian style you want to represent. Add a pair of western boots and you’ll get the perfect look.

Black dress

This costume is more classic and elegant. It is super easy to recreate it, you’ll only need a long black dress or skirt, the wider the better. Flowers will be essential for this look, add some in your hair and you can carry a small bouquet in your hand as a complement. If you decide you want to wear jewelry wear it gold and flashy. A pair of black booties will make your dress or skirt look much better.

Trousers and shirt

This Catrina is very Mexican because it has touches that remind us to other characteristic elements of our culture like mariachi and embroidery. Wear a pair of black trousers and an embroidered shirt, you can add accessories like a ribbon around your neck and make a braided up do for your hair with some flowers attached to it. Your western booties will give it a very traditional touch that will amp up.

Now you have a few more options for you to recreate your Catrina costume and look amazing in your costume party.

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