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23 May

Textures over leather

estampado flores

The current season is pretty open to use any kinds of prints, especially the ones that are nature related like flowers, leaves and stuff.

In Cuadra we love this trend and we have taken advantage of it applying over some products’ leather. These prints can completely change a piece of clothing or accessory, they put life, color and distinction into the item. On today’s blog we will show you some of our favorite designs with this attribute.


There’s no doubt that they are every woman’s favorite accessory. Whenever we go out we carry a bunch of stuff with us, and what better accessory to put it all in than a leather bag with floral print. Ideal to show it off in the warmest days.

flower print_1

Belts are accessories that we have wrongly reduced to adjust pants. Of course that is their main purpose of existence, but we can also wear them as accessories and not precisely with pants. These models with floral prints and buckles are perfect to wear them with dresses or skirts; apart from outstanding our outfit they accentuate your figure.

flower print_2

Our outfit can always be accompanied by something that covers us up a bit. Probably we can’t wear jackets anymore because of the weather, but vests are a nice option. We love plain leather vests, they super classy and classic, but these new printed designs will be your favorites. Unique pieces full of style and sophistication, ideal for a chilly morning or night.

flower print_3

Now that you have a few more ideas for accessories for spring and summer don’t forget to share with us your outfits and combinations in our social media with the hashtag #YoSoyCuadra.

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