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16 Mar

Full Exotic

If there’s something we are sure about Cuadra is that we know about exclusivity. And we also know that you love to own things that only a few people can have. Our Full Exotic products are exclusive pieces made with only exotic leather of the highest quality. We also tend to add applications and details that you will absolutely love.

On today’s blog we will show you our top products in our most exclusive leathers.

The absolute most exclusive leather of them all. The texture and characteristic shape are known everywhere by anyone. From small accessories like wallets and belts to large pieces like purses and jackets. Show off your genuine alligator products with an impactful attitude.

One of our personal favorites. The python leather trend has been around for so long and we love the fact that it never goes out of style. The natural shapes and colors of the python leather are super easy to combine with plenty of other colors, textures and applications. That’s why in some of our Full Exotic python leather products we’ve added fine applications of authentic crystals and metallic applications.

Don’t miss out on the chance of owning one of these amazing and unique pieces. Check us out on Amazon or visit one of our stores in Las Vegas.

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