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20 Jun

Exclusive Leather: Ostrich Leg

In Cuadra we know well that the exotic leather products are among your favorites. In this occasion web ring to you a leather that is not very common, which makes it super original and exclusive: genuine ostrich leg leather.

The elegance that the ostrich has is portrayed in its legs, this leather is unique because it is composed by a natural line of scales that contribute in the beauty of the products. It is used to create shoes, belts, wallets, among others.

Originally from South Africa, the species Struthio Camelus, is an animal that is in direct contact with nature. That’s why sometime we can notice marks in the leather products, these marks or scars are made naturally due to the environment the animal lived in. Those marks shouldn’t be considered as imperfections, we like to think that they give personality to the product, plus it makes them different for one to another. 

Just like every type of leather, the genuine ostrich leather needs certain precautions and cares that should be taken into account to keep your products bright as new.

It’s important that you avoid sharp objects or surfaces, the leather may get damaged. We do not recommend using creams or greases, to clean the leather and add some shine you only need to wipe your product with a soft cloth slightly damp with clean water to remove the dust. Then you can use a leather polishing sponge and use it with soft movements.

Now that you know a little bit more about this leather go visit one of our stores in Las Vegas or check us out on Amazon!

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