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19 Nov

Document bags

document bags

Document bags are one of the most iconic accessories that Cuadra has. Claimed by every customer due to their great utility and practicality. Their size is just perfect for carrying it in your hand or wrist or inside a purse or suitcase.

Its first use would be as its name says it an accessory for document storage. This could be pretty useful when you are travelling and you must keep handy certain papers, identifications and more. It is super annoying having to carry all of this in a folder or in your bare hands because apart from being kind of a burden, it can get risky because you can miss or lose something important.


It can also be helpful along your trip, sometimes we will need specific amounts of money for something in particular, attraction tickets, maps, electronic devises, etc. All of these can be kept inside your document bag without risking you losing it or carrying too much baggage.


Its size makes it ideal to put it inside your luggage or a backpack when you don0t need it there with you and won’t use too much space. You can also use it as a makeup bag or toiletry bag for short trips, making it easy to bring travel size personal hygiene products.

And while you’re not on a trip it can be useful for keeping jewelry or documents like Passports, visas, licenses, etc. and keep them all together in a safe space to avoid losing them.


If you can’t wait to have one of your own go ahead and visit one of our Cuadra Official Stores in USA and ask for your favorite design.

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