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2 May

Travel accessories: strategic trips

Whenever we travel for business the last thing we want to do is carry a ton of luggage. Especially when we’re traveling by plane, we don’t want have many stuff on us all around the airport, it might get lost or forgotten.

Today we will tell you a few tips for your trips, to make them a bit more organized.

Keep your documents handy

Tickets, boarding passes, identifications or money; it’s always good to keep them near you in an accessible but safe place. The best option is a document bag, you’ll be able to store all your documents and important papers, and its size is also very practical and fits in any bag, suitcase or backpack you have.

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Don’t carry valuable items in your luggage

We always have important stuff with us in our trips, and sometimes our suitcase won’t be near us for a few (or much) hours. Be careful and better keep all those things in a small bag that won’t cause you any problems when boarding a bus or plane. You can opt for a briefcase or small suitcase, but if you want to be more comfortable we suggest you get a backpack that has several compartments to store your document bag, electronic devices, chargers and personal items.

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Travel size personal hygiene products

It’s not necessary to bring a thousand jars and bottles of personal hygiene. Many brands have been doing for a while now versions of their products but in travel size. We suggest you bring these instead and store them in the same place, you wouldn’t like to accidentally ruin your clothes. Travel or bath bags are precisely made for this, the size is just perfect to put it in your luggage and its compartments will help you distribute everything you need.

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Skip the check in line

We understand that some trips might be longer than others. If your trip only lasts a couple of days bring with you a suitcase that fulfills the carry on standards, this will save you tons of time. If you’re travelling with just a few belongings bring a small travel bag that is comfortable, spacious and practical.

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These were some tips that you can keep in mind next time you make a trip. Travel comfortable, safe and with all the style of a Cuadra man.

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