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12 Jul

3 tips to pack like a pro

3 tips to pack like a pro

The summer holidays have arrived! We are sure that you have incredible plans to make the most incredible trip this summer. And for that reason, we want to avoid those little headaches when planning a trip. For example, make the suitcase. We do not want you to waste your valuable time packing and unpacking things that you will not use at the end. Continue reading to learn 3 tips to pack like a pro.

Make a list

Identify the type of trip you are going to make, if it will be adventurous or relaxing. Now make a list of the necessary objects for your trip. Once you have it done, put those objects on your bed and give them a quick look. This will help you to visualize approximately the space that you will use and to accommodate it in the best way in your suitcase. Consider carrying an “on-board suitcase” if you travel by plane. So that you can store everything you need on board, from personal hygiene items to an emergency T-shirt, if your trip will be long.

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Organize your outfits

Try to assemble outfits with basic elements. Doesn´t mean that you sacrifice the style! But take into account and give value to those garments that you can use with various elements. For example, a pair of white shorts may work perfect as a basic to put together three casual outfits if your destination will be a small and cute village or a town to explore. If your destination will be the beach, we recommend you read the article about Perfect outfits for the beach. We’ll talk about how to assemble simple outfits, fresh and that will fit without problem in your suitcase.

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Take advantage of each space

One infallible method to keep the most items in your suitcase, is to roll as many garments as you can. If you have some clothes that may wrinkle, make sure it is the last thing you put in your suitcase. Take advantage of the inside of your shoes to store underwear, socks or even containers with moisture cream or perfume. The point is that you take advantage of each space.

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These are some tips to pack like a pro. Remember that a luxury suitcase to highlight on your vacation is waiting for you in our ONLINE SHOP.

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