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10 Jul

How to wear a straw hat

How to wear a straw hat

In here the summer accessory: the straw hat! If you want to wear this item there´s one way or go away. Ok no, but what really matters is the material (straw) and obviously your outfit. What we want to achieve is a fresh, feminine and casual style. Keep reading if you want to know how to wear a straw hat. If you don´t have one yet, this is the time to convince you to have it ready for your holidays.

Panama hat: ideal for casual looks and if you want to bring your hair loose.

If your outfit will be jeans, shorts and summer blouses, we suggest you wear a Panama wide-brimmed hat. This style is more casual, ideal for a weekend outfit. Also, if you want to go with your hair loose, the fact that the hat´s wing is longer, will help with the proportions of your head.

How to wear a straw hat_1
Boater hat: ideal for sophisticated looks.

You can recognize a boater hat by its flat top in addition to its wide and circular brim. This style works if you have a party, meeting, cocktail party, polo match or any event that take place outdoors. Recall Julia Roberts in the legendary film “Pretty Woman” with a spectacular hat while going to an exclusive garden event. Something important with this hat: ALWAYS wear it with a ponytail or with your hair braided.

How to wear a straw hat_2
Panama hat with a formal touch.

If you want to wear a more formal outfit and combine it with a Panama hat, make sure the brim is shorter. The short-brimmed hats will give you a sophisticated look that will match in an extraordinary way with elegant dress. You will be the queen of your meetings if you achieve this boho chic style perfect for summer.

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These are just some tips to know how to wear a straw hat. Remember that the models a re available in CUADRA OFFICIAL STORES.

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