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18 Jun

My style: Guanajuato City

Mexico is a beautiful country and we don´t have doubts about it. Some of the cities over here are more than magical, and Guanajuato is one of them. You can find amazing places in this touristic city like the Juarez Theater, El Pipila Monument and the Alley of the Kiss.

The kind of lifestyle you can find in this town is beyond cool; full of restaurants, bars and the craziest nightlife. You can find yourself in one of those chic rooftops, where you will have an incredible view of this romantic city. Even if you don´t know where to stay, you can go to those old houses that became exclusive hotels.

Maybe you have a plan already but remember you need the perfect look for this place:

Day time.

Guanajuato is not the city to walk in heels! We know there are some girls who can´t live without them, but the best advice we can give you is: Just forget your high shoes for the weekend! You can choose between boots or booties, and wear them with a boho dress -short or long, it’s your choice-, you can pick a classy blouse and skirt too. Last but not least, create a beautiful updo and put emphasis in your eyes with a colorful shadow.

Night time.

Fashion designers have been thinking about your comfort, that’s why they brought some fabulous pieces to their collections, so you can hang with your friends at night without any worries. The jumpsuits are the best option to go out when the sun is hiding, they will make you look super tall and skinny without any effort. The best part of it is that you could use the shoes you want; booties, loafers or sandals with a low heel.

Something important, -now that the weather is nicer- give more volume to your hair and create a dramatic look with your cosmetics. You can wear more make up in only two of the three zones of your face: Cheekbones, lips and eyes.

So now you know, visit Mexico and walk in the streets without falling down! Discover our new collection and pick your favorite shoes.

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