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20 Jun

How to get the magazine look?

The editorial world has some beautiful photo shoots about different topics, places and periods, so we can get inspired with those amazing looks. There are some secrets to create the perfect outfit! We only need to take what we need cause we don´t wanna look like we’re celebrating Halloween:

Do your own research: Remember that “Forewarned is forearmed”, so you can do a little investigation about the trends we see all the time. In this case we are showing you some shoots inspired in the Native American style, so it’s gonna be better if you are informed about the history behind this great culture.

Make an adaptation: You don´t need to wear a big feather hat but you can make some adjustments in your outfit. Recognize that the editorial universe is about taking the trends over the top, but you don´t to take your street style to that place.

The little things: When you are trying to get a look that you saw in a magazine, it’s not just about shopping similar clothes, you need to wear them with all your expertise. See the little details, colors and accessories, that’s the key of the perfect look!

Fashion victim: Well, we all know the models in fashion magazines are way too skinny and tall, but not all women are the same way. The cool thing about fashion is that you can look as good as you want, be loyal to your instinct so you can know what kind of clothes are gonna make you look more sexy than ever.

Lots of celebrities and fashion icons have been using these style and they look amazing all the time. You can do the same thing with a little bit of creativity:

It’s time for you to put in practice our tips. Discover the ideal complements of your outfit and dare yourself to use this beautiful trend cause we only live once.

Some of the pictures used in this article aren´t property of Cuadra. Pictures only are use as informative way

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