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26 Oct

Men’s Style: Rules to Match your Socks.

Men have evolved their style in the last 16 years. When the 2000’s started, metrosexuals took over the music and cinematographic scene, but we didn’t understand the change by then. As the years went by, a new image of the man we knew appeared; those with the lumberjack vibe, or the ones with a classic style.

You could pick your favorite trend, but there´s something every men should know; socks are one of the most important pieces of you outfit. Even when you don´t care about them, they always show up.

How can you match your shoes and socks?

The perfect combination.

First of all, you need to match your socks with your suit, not with your shoes. Let’s say you´re socks are an extension of your pants, and your shoes have nothing to do with it.

What about light colors?

Don´t even try to mix black suits with white socks; this is one of the biggest mistakes in fashion. White socks are only for white suits, cause they will look weird even with a beige outfit.

If the shoe fits…

Rules are made to be broken! You should match your Oxford shoes with regular socks, but if you want, you can wear them with ankle socks too. Mix your drivers, moccasins and loafers with those amazing invisible socks; they’re the best creation in the world!

A touch of color.

You think your look is too conventional or boring? Wear a sober outfit and a pair of colorful socks.

There’s no excuse, you can dress impeccable! If you already have the perfect socks, it’s time to get a stunning pair of shoes. Go here and see our new collection.

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