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11 Jan


Cold winter mornings have become part of our routine these days. We love them for their nostalgic touch, but we hate the trouble they put us through when it’s time to choose what to wear to get out of your home without messing up your style.

How could you manage to match that giant jacket of yours, but still look smart for a business meeting? We have some life saving tips, whatever the weather brings you this winter, either it’s a rainy or a cold day. We gathered some basic styles that every gentleman has to have in his wardrobe during this season.


It’s the time of the year where your coat won’t be enough to beat the cold.  The mod revival will help you solve that problem perfectly. A military green parka over your traditional suit will make a perfect link between the formal and a casual style that combines with everything. Gather that style with Bostonian shoes and a messenger bag to carry with you a scarf and gloves to keep you warm.


Yes it’s the weekend, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be on sports pants and sneakers the whole time. There’s no reason to lose style with this simple and comfortable outfit  that we’ve put together for you with classic gabardine pants, an open jacket,  jersey and your more comfortable drivers, or maybe you can wear it with these fantastic alligator boots. So you can feel comfortable without losing your style.


A puffy jacket can’t go wrong when it comes to taking a relaxed walk outside with your pets. Accompany it with a classic flannel shirt, jeans and comfortable lace up boots for those mornings that need you to adapt to any weather condition.

With these outfits you’ll be ready to get over any condition the winter throws at you, without losing your elegant touch. Don’t forget to visit our Shop Online to check out all the choices we have for you.

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