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6 Apr

Tell me how you are, and I´ll tell you what shoes to wear

The psychology said that the clothes and shoes we wear reveal a lot of our personality. Every type of footwear evokes almost a way of being. However, sometimes we use the wrong shoes and don’t express who we really are, forgetting how important nonverbal signals and symbolic messages are. That’s why, this time we will tell you what footwear you have to use according to your personality, so you can express it in the right way.

We recommend you to make a check list with all your qualities before continuing reading and once you have done it compare with each of the personalities, so you can find the shoes that go more with you and what you want to express.

Simple personality

If you are an accessible, friendly, cheerful, optimistic, enthusiastic, energetic person, and your attributes are evident and natural you will have to dress comfortable and simple way to demonstrate your qualities. Choose a fine and discreet footwear in neutral colors, such as black, brown and navy.

Traditional personality

If you are a responsible, efficient, constant and honest person, you will have to dress in a conservative and classic way. Choose simplicity and elegance, like classic shoes. The deerskin footwear is one of the most elegant for his soft and smooth texture.

Perfectionist personality

The people see you as a successful person. You communicate culture, authority and prestige. You are a person that prefers quality than fashion, and the most important is that you know how to take advantage of your qualities to reach your goals. Choose distinctive details in some of your clothes, like personalized or handmade designs.

Romantic personality

You are a person who projects warmth and kindness. You tend to be charming, sensitive, understanding and considerate with the people. You interact easily; inspire freshness and joviality, especially with the opposite sex. Choose soft and fluid materials in your clothing, while in your footwear opts for daring designs, exotic leather that highlight the glamour you have inside.

Creative personality

You are spontaneous and original, a person who carries the adventure in the skin, witty, with free and imaginative soul. You try to express through everything you do. Choose innovative, creative designs, like python leather shoes.

Dramatic personality

With strong and sophisticated character, your self-awareness and experience help you to take good decisions. Choose sophisticated footwear, defined in solid and vibrant colors. Dare to innovate in your dress.

Now you are ready to find your right footwear.


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