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10 May

How a Man Dresses for his Wedding?

The wedding is a formal event in which the bride and groom are the most important, so your dress should go according to the type of wedding. Doesn’t matter if the wedding are at the day or the night, the dress codes of the man are very strict so if you are going to get married you only have two options, which we will introduce you here.

When the wedding is in the light of day one of the options will be the chaqué. This suit was created for riding, that’s why this jacket has a skirt divided in two. This type of suit can only be worn by the groom, witnesses or best man, it is prohibited for the guests, unless the groom so indicates.

The chaqué should always be accompanied by:

The frock coat: it is the garment that covers the upper part of the body and can be worn in black or gray.

The vest: use in neutral tones, sobriety is a sure hit and more for a formal event. If you are not very tall choose a cross vest to stylize the figure.

The trousers: it is important to wear a well-marked stripe, straps and should not wear a belt.

The shirt: the ideal is to wear it in white, Italian cut and double cuff, in this way will enhance the tie and give light to the face of the groom.

The tie: if the groom wants to give a different touch to his style can dare with a vivid color, however the best choice will always be the black tie that will give greater formality. Do not forget that the knot should be small and simple.

The scarf: you can wear it in a different tone than the tie to give a different style to your look.

The shoes: it is important they are of a classic style, like Oxford type, with laces and of course in black color.

But if the wedding is at night the best option will be the tuxedo, which goes back to the 19th century where English gentlemen used it to smoke, hence the name smoking. This costume likewise is only for the groom, a guest should never dress more formal than the groom. So we will leave the suit for the guests unless the bride and groom indicate in the dress code.

The tuxedo should always be accompanied by:

The jacket: a risky boyfriend could choose to wear it white; however the best option will always be black. It can be straight or cross, with round flaps of great opening, in silk or shiny satin. If the jacket is crossed you should not wear a sash, and remember just buckle the top button.

The shirt: wear it white, with bow tie and cufflinks.

The trousers: should always go by the same color of the jacket, except when it is white that is dressed in black trousers. Use a classic cut.

The shoes: the most suitable for this type of dress are black, lace and patent leather. You could wear classic cut-out shoes with a buckle.

The bow tie: this is the only choice for the tuxedo. Black will be the best option, although the more risky may dare to wear a different but discreet color.

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