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25 May

What footwear do you wear according to your zodiac sign?


You are a sociable person and it is easy for you to expand your circle of friends. On weekends you always have plans, so your ideal shoes will be a shoe that you can be comfortable but wearing stylish to party.


You always give yourself completely without looking at the consequences this may entail. You like to risk in every way, so your ideal footwear will be a high boot with applications and details that highlight your entire outfit.


You are a very active person, so the quiet days drive you crazy. There is always a time when all the accumulated adrenaline comes out of you naturally. Your ideal footwear will be one that allows you to have mobility and comfort.


They like beauty and harmony; they are able to be impartial to conflicts. However, once they have come to an opinion about something, they do not like to be contradicted. So your ideal footwear will be a shoe in neutral colors but fashionable, that goes according to your way of being.


Optimistic, empathic and understanding, they like freedom, travel and adventure so their ideal footwear will be a sport in dark tones with innovative details.


Independent and intellectual. They like to fight for good causes, to dream and to plan for a happy future. Their ideal footwear is Bostonians who evoke a romantic time as the Aquarius usually is.


You usually take things with a lot of pressure, you are from one side to another wanting to solve the problems of others so your ideal footwear will be a sport shoe in exotic skin that denote its exclusivity, since the requirement with yourself is the same as you require in your dress.


You usually leave everything to the last; you delay all your plans because you never finish things when you should. Your ideal footwear will be shoes with conservative style, which are not flashy to get unnoticed when you are late.


You tend to be an observant and patient person, so making decisions is easy for you. Footwear with handcrafted details will be ideal for you, since you tend to pay attention to the small details.


They like the truth. A Scorpio likes to get involved in causes and convince others, so his ideal footwear will be a boot with a lot of personality.


Practical and with a good sense of humor. They like to have a goal and leadership. They are usually reserved so your ideal footwear will be the classic shoes, such as a high black boot.


Imaginative, sensitive and intuitive. They like to dream, the mystery and to make the ridiculous. Your ideal footwear will be a shoe that attracts attention, but has a touch of elegance.

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