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17 Jul


This style of footwear could be the most hated or the most loved in the fashion world. The loafers or moccasins have gone and returned from the trends since their appearance two centuries ago. It seemed its end in the nineties, when they came to be considered ugly, only for rest and entirely masculine shoes. But the truth is that they have returned with force and today they have returned to be one of the favorites by its comfort and classic style.

Men seem to love them. The girls are frightened by them. In any case, today we will teach you the easiest way to choose your loafers and avoid giving the same impression that twenty years ago. The only question you should ask is do I want my loafers to combine with formal, semi-formal or informal looks?


You will recognize this type of loafers for its bright touch, delicate textures, structured soles and dark colors. They are the favorites of the business people! You can use them with a “total black” look and be super professional without so much effort. Or, in the case of the girls, use it with a super feminine shirt that will contrast with the style of the shoes, giving you a very chic balance.


These loafers will be your allies in the day meetings. They are comfortable, but polished enough to show off in formal occasions. The difference between these ones and the other ones, are the colors, as these are meant for sunny days. You will find countless shades of  brown, sand or similar colors. In this case you have a little more freedom. As the tones of the semi-normal loafers are clear and neutral, at least one garment of your outfit should be highlighted with the colors of the season: green or blue. For girls, it´s the perfect opportunity to wear a floral dress that proves that this type of footwear is not just for men.


Vacation Loafers! Ideal for those who don´t want to wear open shoes during the summer. This style you can wear it with shorts, dresses, shirts, polo shirts, and a long etcetera. These are the loafers to rest without losing the style.


Find your perfect pair in our online store and get ready to wear this style!

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