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2 Aug


When we see all those red signs with numbers and the percent sign, our heart starts to accelerate. Better not mention when we see the big signs that announce the end of summer in stores. But sometimes we can fill ourselves with articles that we don´t need and that will make us have less money and space in our closet for the clothes that we´ll really enjoy. So in order this don´t happen to you and you can go shopping efficiently and without making your wallet suffer, in here we have five tips of what you should and shouldn´t do to buy as a professional.

1.Never buy clothes that are not your size. Usually we get carried away by that label that says 70% less and we can venture to acquire products that don´t even fit us or aren´t our style just for being cheap. If something does not fit you, you´ll not use it and for sure will end up in the bottom of your closet being a waste of money.

2. Always bet on the basics and watch a step ahead of the season. For example, in summer sales don´t buy sandals that you probably will not wear until next year. Better buy some sneakers or booties that you can wear throughout the year.

3. Make a list two days before going shopping and respect it. It´s proven that if you let go one or two days before go shopping you can think of what you really need to have.

4. Always carry cash and try with all your strength to stick to a budget. When you know that you´ll go out for shopping, take it out of the cashier. This way you can keep in control the money you spend and your resources.

5. Never prefer quantity to quality. Instead of buying ten pairs of shoes, invest in a pair that, even more expensive, goes much more with your style, you love it and that also gives that touch of luxury and exclusivity to your outfit.

Put these tips into practice and enjoy the offers from our online store.

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