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11 Aug

Camel: The color of the transition

We are in the final stretch of the summer. The holidays are about to end and the weather changes. It is no longer possible to wear shorts and sandals, and the light and floral dresses are no longer very suitable with the season. For many people the end of summer is often a headache for all the changes that it represents. In order this don´t happen to you and you still looking super fashion we bring to you the favorite color in this transition from summer to fall 2017.


First of all, as well as the total black, dressing from head to feet in shades of the same color, gives us a contemporary look and (contrary to what you think) zero boring. Probably, you can try to wear footwear, clothing and accessories in various tones in this transition; you´ll see that it´s cooler than wearing black. Besides it is very simple and practical, you wouldn´t lose time by choosing your outfit of the day.


Here we try to transform a neutral color into a protagonist. We know this is a color that combines with almost everything; In consequence it´s time to use that in your favor and use it as the color that stands out in an outfit. For example, try wearing all the garments in white and add a camel colored bag. Choose to wear all your black garments and add some camel boots.


Finally, this color is perfect to wear on vests, jackets and sweaters. You can add to any outfit of any color a warm camel garment. You will be the sensation!

Remember that change is a part of life. The end of a season is the perfect time to reflect and realize that a positive attitude to change is the best garment you can always use.


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