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15 Aug

5 trends that can´t be missed this fall.

One of the many advantages of reading about fashion is that we can find out before anyone else the trends that will be on the top the next seasons and be the winners when we go to the stores to choose our favorite garments. Fall is already in the air, and although it still takes more than a month to arrive, we bring you the 5 elements that will be the must-have of this season.


First of all, metallized garments are here to stay. We can see it present in small details like strings and chains. Also is the protagonist of our outfit in garments that will make us shine from head to feet.


This color has become an element that returns every fall. However, we cannot stop mention it! In clothing, in shoes, in accessories, it doesn´t matter! Also this is something you should invest because it has already become a classic that will remain for a long time.


This elements will be present in bags and accessories. As a result, the lace in small touches always gives that touch of mystery and sophistication to any outfit. Dare and use it on unexpected occasions and not just at night.


This style still in all our outfits, you can use it in any garment you can think of. The limit doesn´t exist!


Finally, coats with long-haired fur will be the sensation when the months get colder. We want it to be cold in order to use them!

The change of season is the perfect time to renew our closet. And now that you know the trends to our online store and be one of the first people to receive the fall like a fashionist!

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