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1 Sep

Patches CUADRA: favorites of the month

This article is dedicated to the CUADRA gentlemen, because thanks to their preference the boots model 2T38CS in conjunction with the messenger bag BO269FA and the jacket H195BOC have won the place as the favorites of August. Here we´ll give you a brief explanation of how to combine these garments with patches CUADRA and look great on it.

This patches´ fever continues at the top of the trends of 2017. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Coach and now CUADRA have added to this trend that has marked (literally) the luxury brands. At the moment, in your wardrobe you cannot miss a piece with patches if you want to be into the trendy.

You can bet on a complete outfit, using the detail of the patches in almost all your clothes: jacket, messenger bag and footwear. Do not forget that both shirt and pants must be neutral so that the protagonism is in the patches of the other garments, otherwise you will be very overloaded

If so many patches are not your thing, but still want to try this trend, try to use it only in a garment. Patches CUADRA on accessories such as shoulder bags or shoes can highlight and make any look more relaxed.

Also, if you think this trend is only for young people, think twice! A patchy look does not have to look like a child. It’s all about combining the garments so that you get a sophisticated look. For example, combine your jacket with patches with a total black outfit and we guarantee that you will impress anyone.

 Can you think of other novel ways to combine your garment with patches? Or do not you have your own yet? Come and try this trend and buy these products in our online store.


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