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5 Sep

Ideas to take care of your shoes CUADRA.

We know that like all  shoeholic, the care of your footwear should be a topic of interest for you. For this reason, we bring to you ideas to take care of your shoes CUADRA and keep it in the best condition for much longer.

As you know, the leather of our products is genuine, so they are delicate and must have particular care, so you can enjoy them for a long time. Here we´ll give you some tips to put your closet in order and be able to save your footwear in the right way:

First of all, shoes should always be kept clean. Cleaning before storing your shoes is super important. Genuine leather absorbs everything that touches it, then with more reason you should make sure that you don´t keep your shoes covered in something that could damage them forever.

The best way to store your Cuadra shoes would be inside of their boxes and also in their protective bags. This is to protect them from direct light or dust.

We know that you probably don´t have enough room in the closet to store so many shoe boxes, or that you just don´t like the look they give. No matter the reason, but if you are not going to keep your shoes in their boxes, make sure they are in a place away from moisture and do not crush each other.

To prevent that your boots deform by the way you keep them, put some magazines rolled inside. Or you can cut in sections those float straws that are used for swimming lessons and put them inside your boots to keep them upright and not being wrinkled over time.

Remember that your shoes will look great as long as you take care of them and give them proper maintenance. Get your favorite pair in our online store.

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