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12 Sep

How to decorate your Mexican Night

Of course we are preparing the voices to shout ¡Viva México! this coming Friday. September 15th is a day that as Mexicans, we like to spend it with our family and friends. We like listen to music and eat food that reminds us our origins. In addition to prepare your clothes (and we already have an article on how to dress with a Mexican style and be fashion in here) here we tell you how to decorate your Mexican Night fast but super chic. We assure you that many things you have them already in your own house!

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Mix traditional elements with contemporary details. Get creative so you can take advantage of things you already have at home! For example: surely in the most forgotten corner of your kitchen you have a molcajete that your grandmother gave you to make sauces but you never learned to use. If you do not want to learn in a few hours how to make sauce, then dust off the molcajete and add some flowers on it!


Something great about our Mexico are its colors. In consecuence the blends of colors are super daring. That’s why any piece of colorful fabric could serve as tablecloth in the Mexican night. If you manage to find among your drawers rebozos or scarves, much better! You will see how well they look and how they stand out on a normal white tablecloth.


Finally, fortunately one of the most typical Mexican ornaments is also quite economical and simple to get (or do if you have creative humor). Chopped paper adorns most Mexican festivities, not just the day of the dead. They can make embellishments of any kind in this china paper and be an iconic, colorful and very patriotic element.

CUADRA is a proudly Mexican company and invites you to keep the traditions of these special dates. Did you like our advice of how to decorate your Mexican Night? Enjoy it!

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