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14 Sep

Get the Atomic Blonde´s look with CUADRA

Atomic Blonde´s look with Cuadra

Charlize Theron’s new film, Atomic Blonde, has impressed us with the excellent action scenes, the feminine power that is displayed on stage and also the incredible outfits that we see on the screen. It’s great that the creators of this production have managed to create a lethal, dare character and also super fashionist and elegant. At the entrance today we will give you the tips to get the Atomic Blonde´s  look with CUADRA.

Atomic Blonde´s look with boots over the knee


First things first. Let us say that the fact that they come out in a super production should be enough to make you believe when we tell you that the boots over the knee came to stay. These are super flattering for any body type. (We have in here an article about this kind of boots) as they will make your legs look longer and more stylized. In this film the protagonist wears them in black, super simple and with low heels to be able to fight in one of the best scenes of action that has been seen in the cinema.

Atomic Blonde´s look with high heel booty


In addition, there are several nocturnal scenes, nevertheless in this one the spy dresses an impact dress with high-heeled boots. Obviously I could not sacrifice comfort in case any risky situation arose! Booties with dresses are gaining ground as an alternative to open heels, especially in these cold times. The secret is to wear them with stockings of the same color to make your legs look amazing.

Atomic Blonde´s look with black booty


This girl has taken the place of James Bond as the best dressed spy. Because even the casual looks of this movie are extremely fashion. Getting the Atomic Blonde´s look  with Cuadra is easy. You can deal with this look that consists of a coat and high-heeled boots. You can guide yourself by clear colors to achieve an outfit that will serve for the whole day.

Choose which look you like best and check it with our models. We are waiting for you in our online store!

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