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14 Jun

This is the correct way to organize your footwear

the correct way to organize your footwear

 You probably already have a neat wardrobe, but do you know the correct way to organize your footwear? When you have organized your shoes it is easier to choose a look, plan it and simply look great! Also for those who have the time counted in the morning because they must go to work, it is something ESSENTIAL. Especially not to waste time looking for our shoes in the morning. Everyone loves a well-organized closet. Therefore, today we bring you the right way to organize your shoes.

Organized BY SEASONS

It just doesn´t make sense to have your winter boots outside when it’s summer. Try to always have closer the shoes that you know you will wear during a certain season. It also helps to sort according to the periodicity in which you use them. If you have a pair that you know you use constantly, leave them in front. On the other hand if you have some that you only use in some special occasions, keep them in the background.

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Keep them VISIBLE

This doesn´t mean that you need to have them out all the time. In fact it is best to always keep them in their boxes, away from dust. That’s why we bring you a super useful and simple tip. Paste a picture of the shoes in the box, in this way you will know what is inside each box and that will prevent you from losing time opening and closing boxes in the morning. You can replace this by using transparent boxes.

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Keep them clean

Always keep them as clean as possible, we will always insist that you do not keep your shoes stained with something that could ruin it forever. Remember that in our OFFICIAL STORES you can find different products so that your footwear always look impeccable. We have prepared several articles where we tell you how to clean them according to their leather type.

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These are just some tips for you to know the correct way to organize your shoes. Also, remember that in our ONLINE STORE you can find those boots you want to have in your closet.

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