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19 Jun

How to get a great look in 5 minutes

This article is special for those women who have the time counted in the mornings. When your work days start early, knowing how to get a great look in 5 minutes becomes a basic necessity. And with so many things to do, being able to be ready quickly, easily and without dying in the attempt is essential in the life of any contemporary woman. For this we have an essential formula that you must follow when assembling your outfits:

Neutral garment + timeless garment + protagonist garment = winner outfit.

White sweater + Dark jeans + Plaid blazer = Chic office worker.

The plaid blazers are the must-wear of all those who work in offices. This garment will give a formal look to any garment, so you can use them with jeans and you will see that your look will look more polished. Add comfy footwear to make things easier in the office and all your outfit will be under control. We assure you that it will take less than 5 minutes.

to get a great look in 5 minutes_1
Black booties + Black jeans + Crossed blouse = special monochromatic.

The crossed blouse is the most wanted this summer. Using them does not take much effort if you stick to our formula. The black jeans and matching boots will be your allies to combine this style . It’s simple and it will not take you more than 5 minutes! Opting for a monochromatic look is a safe bet when you want to save time.

to get a great look in 5 minutes_2
Printed white t-shirt + Pencil skirt + High booties = alterative and elegant.

The pencil skirts in combination with a neutral shirt make a great contrast that you should try when you want to look elegant, but still be casual and with that effortless look. Add your best black booties and you’ll be ready. It seems that you chose your outfit in 5 minutes. And it will be real! But not for that reason less chic and elegant.

Preparing your outfit at night is by far the most important of our three steps to get a great look in 5 minutes. And if you also prepare it with our infallible formula, you will see how your looks become more sophisticated. Find the shoes that make these SPECTACULAR outfits in our online store.

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