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19 Sep

What boots to use according to your body type

What boots to use according to your body type

We all know that non body is exactly like another, that there are different shapes and sizes and that the key to looking beautiful is in knowing what kind of garments to use according to our measurements. In this blog entry we will tell you what boots to use according to your body type, based on your general shape and the width of your legs. We will help you find your ideal match!

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Girls who have this body type are characterized by having wider hips and legs in relation to their shoulders. If this is your case the ankle boots and the boots over the knee in a single color and without many decoration are for you. Avoid the boots of medium height, those that reach the calf. In order to avoid making your legs appear very short and very thick.

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This type of body is characterized by being curvilinear. If this is your body type or you are plus-size, we recommend using bootys or boots with heels. In this case do not worry about the height of the tube of your boots, but in the width of your heel. What we want is to stylize your silhouette. In consecuence if you wear a thin heel will give the appearance of longer legs without visually overloading your legs.

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Women who have this type of body are usually tall, thin and their hips, waist and shoulders are almost the same width. If this is your case, the long tube or calf boots at middle leg are special for you. Also choose some that have wide heels and move away from the very short boots, as they do not have enough visual weight to balance your silhouette.

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Finally, if you are lucky to have the same width of hips as your shoulders, sing victory! Since almost any type of boots that you wear, will fit you. Your body is balanced by itself, just pick your boots by concentrating on keeping it that way.

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