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2 Nov

How to wear skirts when it’s cold and look super chic!

How to wear skirts when it's cold_cuadra

If you thought it was time to store your skirts, you’re wrong! Although the autumn winds are coming, today we will show chic and warm ways for you to know how to wear skirts when it’s cold. Do not let your fashion mood decay, because these climates are more than just sweats and jeans.

How to wear skirts when it's cold_patternskirt

This is a lovely, formal and simple combination. It will always work super well for this season! This look is warm but also has structure. That´s why we love it! A tube skirt that highlights your silhouette, together with long boots will create curves with distinction. Thus, you can add a large coat and maybe even a scarf without your outfit looking messy.

How to wear skirts when it's cold_tights

The miniskirts in warm fabrics will be ruling this season! Use them with tights (there are even some thermic) to keep you warm and fabulous booties. You will see that it will be easier to add several layers of sweaters to be warm. Combine textures, but remember that you should not exaggerate. You already have enough clothes, you do not want to make your outfit more heavy by adding lots of colors or patterns!

How to wear skirts when it's cold_sweater

These sweaters are great because you can use them as skirts and show off with some incredible boots over the knee. Remember that you must be very careful and correctly choose the length of your garment. Also remember that we have an article about the boots above the knee and how to use them. You should let only a very small portion of skin shine, remember that the goal is to look warm! Here you have two options: you can add a coat or let your maxisumer shine on its own.

These are just some ideas of how to wear skirts when it’s cold. Remember that the important thing is that you do not let your fashion mood decay. Find your perfect pair in our online store.

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