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31 Oct

New outfits with black booties

New outfits with black booties_CUADRA

Let’s renew the classics! A pair of black booties is an element that should NEVER be missing in the closet of a fashionist girl. However, we know that you probably have a pair of these shoes that you have not been wearing for a long time, for one simple reason: they have bored you! And in fact, it is a garment that seems so basic, sometimes we are out of creativity to know how to show them off. That’s why today we have ideas for new outfits with black booties.

New outfits with black booties_animalprint

With animal print.

If you think that those boots that you have are very simple and nothing that you wear makes them look more fashionable, try with animal print. ALWAYS is an excellent option! Many women are afraid to use it because they think it’s extravagant. Only use it always combined with solid colors and not with other prints, so you can look excellent and not being “so sassy”!

New outfits with black booties_red

With net tights.

This is an accessory that right now is very fashionable and you can balance the classic style of your booties with the modernity of this trend. Use them with shorts, with broken jeans that let see the tights, with capri, skirts, the list is endless! Simply try that the rest of your clothes is classic and warm, to achieve the perfect contrast and balance to wear this garment.


New outfits with black booties__leggings

With leather leggings

Currently there are many shops that offer leggings similar to leather, made of materials that allow enough ventilation and so, they are super comfortable. Create an outfit in which the protagonists are your booties and your leggings! Obviously you’ll have to mix textures to highlight the leather: try knit sweaters and stuffed coats, two super fashion elements this year.

Can you think of more ideas of new outfits with black booties? Do you already have this classic shoe in your closet? If not, run to our online store and get your pair right now.

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