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26 Oct

Get your costume with CUADRA

get your costume with CUADRA

Inevitably, the traditions have been mixed. Whether you enjoy a traditional Day of the Death´s party on November 2 or Halloween, today we have super chic costume ideas to get your costume with CUADRA.  We select these three options for being as simple and practical as possible. In addition to making you look  beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

get your costume with CUADRA_maleficent

This character has earned our hearts. Not only because of the beautiful story that changed everything we believed about the Sleeping Beauty villain. In addition to being one of the characters with the most chic costumes. As a result we have a sexy costume, daring and very scary if you propose so. You only need to buy or make your own horns. Wear black and show off some spectacular high boots and you will have a complete costume.

get your costume with CUADRA_Pirate

The pirates were the greatest terror of the sea! One of the simplest costumes to produce. Since you only need to add to your outfit a pair of scarves for the waist and hair, jewelry, and good boots to achieve a perfect costume. The goal is look like the perfect Jack Sparrow´s partner and at the same time be completely fashion.

get your costume with CUADRA_CATRINA

This is the quintessential costume of those who like to celebrate a traditional day of the dead. Here the costumes can range from the most Mexican to the most modern. Where you should pay attention is always in the makeup, which can be a candy skull style or a scary one. You should prefer to wear elegant clothes and boots, since they were the characteristic of the catrinas: they were always very well dressed.

What is your favorite? Get your costume with CUADRA and enjoy being fabulous in your meetings. Find that ideal pair for your costume in our online store

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