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7 Dec

Outfits with a glossy touch

Outfits with a glossy touch_CUADRA

With the holiday season getting closer, we are getting more festive day by day. Do you want to know how to dress up in your parties and Christmas meetings but without falling into the cliché? You don´t have to wear a sweater with a big green reindeer to look festive. Today we will show you how a metallic element highlights your outfits with a glossy touch. You will see that this touch of gold, silver or copper will make your outfit stand out in the party!

Outfits with a glossy touch_GOLDEN

Touch of gold

The golden color is always synonymous with eternity, joy and luxury. And well used, it can be an extraordinary detail for your party outfit. We know that right now we see on all sides garments with golden glitters everywhere. However, they must be used with great care so as not to end up looking like a tree decoration. We recommend you to wear that golden touch in small details, such as shoe applications, accessories or even jewelry. Do not forget that gold always goes better with outfits of warm colors.

Outfits with a glossy touch_SILVER

Touch of silver

The outfits with silver accents go very well if you prefer to wear darker outfits, perfect for the night. The silver will always be more jovial and carefree. If you are a more extroverted and alternative girl in your way of dressing, these metallic touches will be excellent details to highlight your outfit. Use them in accessories that do not compete with your look, but highlight it and make it better.

Outfits with a glossy touch_COPPER

Touch of copper

The color copper is excellent to combine with feminine and romantic outfits. Due to its tendency to act as a neutral color, we love it. For example, if you wear it with dark colors, it will be an excellent detail to highlight. Like if you dress it with lighter colors. Basically it will be the metallic joker that you can use in any occasion.

These are three ways in which a metallic element highlights your outfits with a glossy touch. Look for that bright accessory in our online store.

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