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29 Sep

My look: Mexico City.

When you’re planning your trip to the capital of México, you need to be aware of the weather, the “hoy no circula” program, and of course, your outfit.  In a place with so many attractions, which is the best look we can pick? Well, that depends of your plans. We’re giving you our advice to make your travel a little bit easier:

We love the fall-winter season, because we can wear lots of clothing layers, but rifht now, the weather is not cold enough. We have some amazing conditions in México, so you don´t need to dress like you’re in the North Pole. Just bring a long coat and make more space in your luggage.

If you´re going for only one week, for example, just take two pairs of shoes with you; one for you daytime rides, and one for the nighttime events. In this case, you need to trust your talent to mix pieces, but if you´re not an expert, just choose one black pair and another one beige.

Try to create a look depending where you’re going. La Condesa and La Roma are two stylish neighborhoods; they’re artsy and chic. You will see a lot of fashion statements in these places, so you can dress bohemian, rockish or with the vintage style we love. In the other hand, if you go to Polanco, wear high heels or shoes with an elegant texture.

In this city, there’s always happening something interesting, so put attention to be informed. Read your favorite fashion magazines, because sometimes they include special agendas of the best parties in town.

Last but not least, use a lot of sunscreen lotion and wear a hat.

If you are already planning your next travel, go to our site and see the fashion items you love to complete your style.

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