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2 May

Why is vintage style so valuable?

Without doubt, a style that can never miss in your wardrobe is the vintage style, but you know why it is so valuable, we explain it to you. In fashion the term vintage refers to articles that evoke past seasons, are trends inspired by antiques, but over the time have improved. The important thing of this style is that they have a stale touch.

One of the most important values of this style is that you can’t find them anywhere; however in CUADRA you can find a whole line of this style, unique boots with hand stitched details that means that no one can have the same boots like you.

Another characteristic of this style is that they are usually handmade items, and because of their quality and fine details, they are preserved for several generations. In the vintage line of CUADRA you can find boots that many would see as faulty, but in reality they are qualities that are achieved thanks to hours of manual labor. The “defects”, such as scrapes, loose threads, discoloration are those that bring the unique and distinctive touch of these products.

Now that you know the value of this style, dare to reinvent it by mixing the past with the present, what this mean is that you should only wear a garment of this style that will be the one that draws all attention, while the rest will be accessories and contemporary clothing.

Don’t forget that if something assures you these pieces are quality and exclusivity, and we can show you with our vintage line available in our Online Shop.

Some of the pictures used in this article aren´t property of Cuadra. Pictures are only used as informative way.

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