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8 Jun

The best investment that a lady CUADRA can make

Women know that if there is something we should invest in is a good bag, but it is not about choosing any purse, nor the most expensive. It is about making a good choice, because every bag has a specific function. You cannot bring a mini shoulder bag to the day event, or a raffia bag to go out at night. That’s why we tell you how, when and where you should use each bag.

Mini shoulder bag


It is a very small bag and long handle that fits perfect to carry it on the shoulder. Thanks to its small size is ideal to accompany you on party nights. You can also use it for a shopping day, because all you need is your wallet.

Shoulder bag


It is the bag that is probably in your wardrobe for its versatility, you can use it in day to day, night out or travel. This bag can be found in almost all styles.

Shopping bag


The bag in which fits all, elongated and short handle. It is ideal to charge with everything and for the day, for its extra large size it is not recommended to use at night.

The handbag


Also known as clutch, it was initially used for night events, today we can carry them for the day by combining with a girly style, and this if is a quiet event where you will not have to carry it for long hours.

The tote bag


It is a stylish and timeless handbag with short handle. For your size is ideal to wear it for the day and with casual outfits.

Envelope bag


A bag able to move from a clutch to a shoulder strap, making it ideal for night out but also for the day. Their size can vary, from very big to mini.

Choose the bag that best suits your lifestyle, in CUADRA you can find variety of designs, colors, textures and skins. Meet them here

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